Vol. 38, No.2 - August 2003
review by
Les McIntyre

In reality, the Stairwell Sisters are Evie Ladin (banjo and buckdancing), Martha Hawthorne (bass), Sue Sandlin (guitar),
Lisa Berman (resonator guitar, banjo, and Hawaiian slide and banjo), and Stephanie Prausnitz (fiddle and cello).
Together they have created an entertaining assortment of old-time melodies from a myriad of sources including the Carter Family
("Little Moses" and "Poor Orphan Child"), the Delrnore Brothers ("Alcatraz Blues"), the Coon Creek Girls ("Banjo Pickin' Girl")
and Delia Bell and Bill Grant ("Kiamichi Moon"). Other entries include the instrumental "Rock Andy," "Hog Eyed Man,"
"Chased Old Satan," and an interesting interpretation of "Oh Death." The Stairwell Sisters have created a wondrous selection
of traditional tunes seething with excitement. Hopefully, their follow-up release is somewhere on the drawing board.